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Once upon a time a long time ago, there was a designer who worked for a place called “Gooodrich”.  He was handsome and very in-tune to ways that his group (a fast moving group) did business.  “We need it now!”, the supervisor would shout.  Use the local company who continues to WOW us to build this board – those words would come from everybody: the purchaser, the manager, and the candlestick maker.  Time passed and more work was needed – ASAP.  The “WOW Factor” just became the new defacto.  I was that very handsome engineer who would run the boards back and forth.   The reworks were rarely standard and with ROHS, tin whiskers, and BGAs – their occurrence was frequent.  

My level of admiration for the workmanship and turn-around time continued to grow.  I have since changed groups and became the company’s EMI expert.  My current design work comes from taking Master’s degree courses to keep my mind sharp.  This last visit to your company was spurred on by my professor.  He asked me to help him with a board.  As soon as he showed me, I knew that the level of sophistication exceeded my abilities…but I remembered where to go.   This is the long answer to saying that the method of marketing to your company comes from a long history.  My fellow designers of a certain age revere your company the same.  We all know where to go and we pass along that knowledge to the up and coming new guys.  You might say the marketing is simply word of mouth

WOW Circuits specializes in TURBO FASTprototype PCB assembly services, with turn times tailored to your schedule. Come and experience the WOW effect with using our personalized services.

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