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BGA/ LGA Component Rework

We're recognized as an industry leader in BGA services and have been qualified by companies around the world. Whether you have one board or one thousand boards for rework, we're the company to turn to for BGA rework services.

We have solutions for every type all your BGA rework or repair need. Services include:

WOW Circuits is highly experienced with BGA / LGA rework with in-depth knowledge and experience with the intricate process of BGA rework.  Every BGA, LGA, QFN  or leadless package is x-ray’d and verified for anomalies to ensure the highest level quality. We also offer x-ray inspection services using the latest technology in x-ray inspection. This combination of specialized service provides you with a repeatable process for every project meeting the highest quality standards.

We also can in most cases replace missing or damaged BGA pads following IPC recommended procedures. These procedures use specially fabricated adhesive backed BGA pads that are thermally bonded top the board surface. When you design requires a change or modification, We can add very small Jumper wires under a BGA component. We we use a modification procedure using fine 41 awg wire thin enough to fit under the BGA component.

Component package types routinely reworked include:

CCGA (Ceramic Column Grid Array), CBGA (Ceramic Ball Grid Array), CPGA (Ceramic Pin Grid Array), PBGA (Plastic Ball Grid Array), TBGA (Tape Ball Grid Array), uBGA (Micro BGA), LGA (Land Grid Array), QFN (Quad Flat No Leads), PoP (Package on Package), Multiple package stacks, Interposer Boards, Test Probes and other BGA probes.

If you require a custom modification please refer to our Repair Service Work Guarantee Waiver Release form. Download and fill out and return with your quote request and we will be happy to get your assembly processed in a timely manner.  

Even if it is just one, we will reball your BGA’s  for yoru project.  Depending upon the qty we will Reball  with individual balls or preforms.  

BGA ReBalling

BGA remove and replace is our specialty.  We can do it as quick as same day services or our standard services 2-3 days.  

BGA Component Rework

Includes repair, remove and replace  and salvage of LGA.  Special care is required due to solder volume required and heat concerns.

LGA Rework

When you need to change or modify the routing and the boards are already built.   We can help with re routing for those traces in need.  

BGA Wire Mods

We are specialists when it comes to working with POP parts.   No worries we can get it done for you.  

POP Package on Package

QFN’s require special handling since they are leadless.   But no problem we can install and rework them with out any concern.  


WOW Circuits

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